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Term Life Insurance
Only pay for insurance during the years that your children may need your financial help, through a term life insurance plan.
Critical Illness Insurance
Have you ever worried about being unable to pay your bills due to a debilitating illness? Check out how critical illness insurance can help.
Permanent Life Insurance
Worrying what will happen to your family if you pass away suddenly? Check out why permanent life insurance might be the solution for you.
Universal Life Insurance
Thinking of getting life insurance? Find out if Universal life insurance is the right policy for you?
How Does Tenant Insurance Work?
Whether you rent a single-family house or a unit in an apartment complex, having an affordable and comprehensive tenant insurance policy is important.
Kanetix Review
Kanetix offers an online marketplace for Canadian consumers to compare and review insurance providers to help them find the right policy.
Emma Review
Emma is an online life insurance portal that allows Canadians to compare life insurance providers. Emma is unique as it focuses on young families to h... Read More
PolicyMe Review
PolicyMe offers an entirely online portal for Canadians to use to pursue insurers and policies from the comfort of their home.
PolicyAdvisor Review
PolicyAdvisor promises to change the outdated way of buying insurance and offers a more innovative way to find the right policy.